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Interactive Preschool Programs in Calgary



Early Discoveries Nursery School focuses on providing the children of Calgary with high-quality preschool programs that are highly interactive and focus on developing the child through a diverse range of learning activities. We have classes for children, ages 1 through 5. We are present in various locations and offer a flexible schedule, making it easier for you to give your child the educational experience he or she deserves while also considering your routines.



At Early Discoveries Nursery School, we are pleased to offer the following classes:


Our Registration Form

We have provided our registration form to help you get started. Please note, a completed form does not guarantee enrollment. A fully completed form should be brought with you on your designated registration evening to expedite the process.

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Government Funding Accepted

A limited number of children in our preschool and kindergarten can qualify to receive government funding for mild/moderate or PUF assistance. Please make us aware of your child’s needs at the time of registration itself as the number of seats available for aid by government funding are limited. Our current students will have the first option for these seats. We are limiting our seats so that we can provide a high quality of service and fulfill the special needs of the children that require it the most. We offer speech, occupational therapy, and psychological services and can provide educational assistants to work in the classrooms.

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Trusted Preschool And Kindergarten In Calgary

Talk to our teachers and find out how their experience can help your child form a solid foundation for a bright future.

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