Welcome to Early Discoveries Nursery School

Build the foundation for your child’s future at Early Discoveries Nursery School in Calgary. Established in 1983, our licensed educators take pride in developing the whole child and setting the stage for future learning. The well-rounded approach of EDNS concentrates on the following 4 main developmental skills:

  • Social and emotional growth
  • Intellectual development
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Gross motor skill development


Registration for Kindergarten 2020 – 2021


Registration for 2020 – 2021

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Your Child Will Love to Learn

We will encourage your child to be all that he can be and more! Children leave EDNS with a joy of learning and a general thirst for knowledge. Each EDNS class has a teacher and teacher’s aide. All of our credentialed staff members possess a genuine love of children and will guide your child through exciting educational experiences.


Exciting Exploration through Music, Science and More

All classes are 2 1/2 hours in length and allow your child to circulate through the various centres available. Interacting in such subjects as music, science, creative movement and dance encourages our whole child philosophy and helps children feel good about themselves and their own abilities.


A Balanced Learning Environment for Your Child’s Benefit

Arts and crafts, dramatic expression, physical education, reading and math readiness, and stories round out our skilfully designed programs. EDNS balances our learning environment with both child-directed and teacher-directed activities.


Learn about our fully funded Kindergarten Program called Early Discoveries Childhood Services. Start your child’s educational journey today.

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Contact Information

Mailing Address

Box 362 305-4625 Varsity Dr NW

Calgary Alberta T3A 0Z9

Main Office
Parkdale United Church (basement)

2919 – 8th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1C8

Office Phone: 403-239-2444 or


Fax: 403-239-8579

*For registration or info please call the numbers above*

Director/Owner - Jenni Van Iderstine

Our Locations


100 Hawkwood Blvd NW

St. Thomas United Church

Classroom Phone: 403-239-6565

Main Office: 403-239-2444 or 


(Wilbury Gang here)


6311 Norfolk Drive NW

Good Shepherd Church

Classroom Phone: 403-731-0022

Main Office: 403-239-2444 or 


(Stepping Stones here)


2919-8th Ave NW

Parkdale United Church

Classroom Phone: 403-233-0848

Main Office: 403-239-2444 or 


(Wilbury Gang here)

Kincora (Kindergarten Here)

38 Kincora Rise NW

Symons Valley United Church

Classroom Phone: 403-239-0444

Main Office: 403-239-2444 or 


(Wilbury Gang here)

NEW LOCATION (September 2020)!

5 Redstone Heights NE
RCCG, House of Praise Church

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